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A view of Streatley from the Goring Bank
Welcome to the website for Streatley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire,England.
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The Red Kite - an excerpt from Ian Carter's new book.

The spectacular Red Kite has become a regular sight over Streatley thanks to a reintroduction programme carried out in the surrounding Chiltern Hills. Visitors are often amazed to see such large birds gliding effortlessly over the village and may wish to learn more about this new addition to the local birdlife.

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Brand new fiction for primary school aged children!

Noosum Foosum - available now from

Noosum Foosum

Noosum Foosum tells the story of Katie and Danny, who discover a secret path through the woods near their home. At the path’s end they find a stream, and there, resting on the water, they notice a tiny toy boat. As the children examine the boat more and more closely it becomes obvious to them that this is no ordinary toy boat. And they are right. Because this boat is special. Very special indeed. Because this boat belongs to none other than Noosum Foosum! Noosum Foosum – the fabled engineer and inventor, whose name is legend, whom no-one has met ever before. The children long to explore the boat and meet its owner - but how can they when it’s so small?

Fortunately for them, they have chanced upon Noosum Foosum’s world; a world that is also inhabited by a friendly dragon. A friendly dragon, with the power to grant the children’s wishes - even their wish to be small enough to board a tiny boat...

Welcome to the world of Noosum Foosum – a miniature world within our own, where the science and inventions of our eponymous hero take Katie and Danny on a host of adventures that will charm and captivate you like no other.

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